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Santa Lucia

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A pendant made from an antique prayer card found in the Roman flea market 20 years ago. Santa Lucia is a beloved patron all over Italy, but especially for those in search of inner light.


Santa Lucia the patron saint of light

Her eyes a symbol of splendor and of might

Born into nobility and wealth,

But she was at the mercy of another’s health


Her Roman father tragically died 

when she was only the tender age of five

Leaving her without the safety of a guardian

Her mother arranged for Lucia to marry

A wealthy pagan man 

But to the service of God and the poor

She vowed to be

And refused a husband, 

Instead choosing to be free

For this heresy, the guards tried to take her away

But they couldn’t move her, 

Or burn her,

Or stop what she had to say

She predicted their futures, 

Then was quickly martyred in 304 

And her eyes either she plucked 

Or they took right before

She reminds us that we don't need sight

So that we can see

So wear this to bring the light 

To where darkness there may be