Knotty Goat Studios

By Lori Warren Kreuscher

South Florida-based ceramicist, Lori Warren Kreuscher, has been honing her skills for decades as a teacher and a maker. Growing up by the ocean, she sculpts undulating forms — often with glazed sea glass — to honor the sea that has always surrounded her. In addition to her craft, Lori teaches art to high school and university students. She currently lives happily ever after on the little farm she shares with her husband — the co-owner of Knotty Goat Studios — daughter, two goats, three dogs, and three little pigs. Lori holds a Master’s degree in Fine Art from the University of Colorado.

“The most important moments and conversations of my life have always centered around the table. Sit, eat, breathe, connect, inspire. I want to create a space for others to have their own experience. I want the beauty of the table to entice and create a space of inspiration, warmth, conversation, and connection.”