Our Mission

The Mandala Way is a new lifestyle brand that weaves together the material and the spiritual offering through jewelry, clothing and arts that bridge modern style and ancient Sacred wisdom. It’s for those in touch with their inner bohemian shaman who love sacred jewelry, sustainable soft clothing, and coconut candles. The Mandala Way is for those who seek items that are as close to source as possible – those who prioritize no waste and appreciate local goods.

When you step into the Mandala Way you may feel as though you have stepped into a portal - like an energy cleanse inviting you to take a breath and ground for a moment in the smell of cedar or sage and remember your essential being.

The Mandala Way curates and creates products and classes that promote living in harmony, ceremony, and community with each other and our Earth. We offer jewelry, clothing, art and scheduled classes and ceremonies and a mix of shamanic gifts for the inner peacekeepers. We create and import products that help promote a connection to the sacred arts of indigenous communities. We offer authentic, sustainable products that support artisans.

Whether you are a local to Newport or a visitor from afar, we welcome you with open arms to come experience The Mandala Way.