Our Mission

The Mandala Way happened how many things happen in life: serendipitously.  It came together after a few non-specific conversations between friends who both wanted to create a space for new ideas that should be in the world. We hope to pass that synergy along to all those looking for it, or even to those who don't know they are. 

We curate handmade, small batch work by emerging artists and traditional craftspeople who create their products simply because they can’t imagine a life otherwise. All our products guide people to build their own sacred spaces - inside and out - and, in turn, help them to find what it is they can’t live without.


We are always making something. Jewelry, candles, beauty products. Whatever we want to bring into existence starts in our small, but charming, crafting back room. It has been all of our fantasies to have a room dedicated to creativity where anything can happen. Oh, I guess our dreams have come true!