The Mandala Way

Protect the Sleep Workshop

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Do you struggle to fall asleep? Or find yourself waking in the middle of the night, mind racing, unable to fall back to sleep? In this workshop we explore a layered approach to helping you prioritize, protect and promote good sleep. Our workshop will include a mini practice of yoga for sleep + rest - so dress comfortably and bring a mat or blanket. You will leave feeling relaxed and resourced with new tools to help you get the rest you need to live well and happy.

Where: The Mandala Way, 15 Touro Street, Newport, RI

When: November 17, 6-7pm.

Kimberly McClure leads this workshop. She is a Self-care Mentor, yoga and mindfulness teacher and Certified Wellness Counselor. Mandala Selfcare is her unique blend - a holistic and layered approach to promoting healing, happiness and wellbeing. Quotes (if you want any for marketing): ”Sleep is the best meditation.” – Dalai Lama ”Sleep helps you win at life.” – Amy Poehler