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Jessica Ricci lost wax Casting Jewelry Lessons (CALL TO SCHEDULE).

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Curriculum: Lost Wax Casting Classes

Learn to sculpt jewelry from wax with this ancient process.


 Adult Class 

    • A brief overview of the lost wax casting process and its historical significance.
    • Explanation of the steps involved in creating metal castings from wax models to the basics of lost wax casting.
    • Create an abstract design using wax wire.
    • Craft a pendant or a ring from the wax design.
    • Overview of finishing techniques to refine the final product

    Cost and Materials:

    • All classes are priced at $100 per student per hour, which includes materials and a finished product. Each class is one hour long. 
    • The necessary tools and equipment will be provided for use during the classes.

    Location and Schedule:

    • Classes will be held at The Mandala Way, located at 15 Touro Street in Newport.
    • The classes will be available throughout the summer.
    • Students are encouraged to invite friends and create a fun and creative atmosphere during the classes.

    Note: The curriculum provided is a general outline and may be adjusted based on the specific needs and preferences of the instructor and participants. After the first class, we can discuss further techniques and designs. But let's start here. 

    Text or call to schedule 401-215-4904 for questions!

    Excited to see you there!