Devyn Penney

Mastering The Art Of Internal Intimacy Prompt Cards

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a solo-development card deck

The Goal: to do something small each day that enhances your life, makes you feel good and gives you something to think about.  

The Why: Getting to know yourself is a process that requires curiosity, introspection and honesty. This solo deck is meant to help you connect to your soul in order to live your authentic life fully. Shuffle the deck or choose a category and pull one card a day  

Go ahead; pick a card, any card…


  • 54 cards
  • 3 categories: mind, body & soul
  • self-care exercises, journal prompts and questions to ask yourself
  • meant to be used solo
  • 17+


WARNING: cards will cause a vibrational shift - users may feel a sudden burst of self-love, confidence and inner peace.